What is My Wellness School?

Ajay Rampersad
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What is My Wellness School? 

My Wellness school is an online community where you can ask questions, share your experience, and connect with others about a variety of healthy living topics.

Who should join My Wellness School? 

My Wellness School was created for: 

  1. People who want to take ownership of their health and well-being by learning from real experts and connecting with other like-minded people about a variety of healthy living topics, and
  2. Fitness, health, and wellness professionals who want a platform to share their expertise, contribute to discussions, and teach others how to live better.

What can members do in My Wellness School? 

  • ASK: Community members can poll or ask a question to get input from others in the community.
  • SHARE: Community members can share a quick thought, photo, or resource with the community.
  • ANSWER QUESTIONSHelp other community members or provide your insight to questions.
  • JOIN A GROUP: Groups are smaller communities within My Wellness School around a particular topic. 
  • GET VERIFIED: Certified or licensed professionals, or those with formal education or training in a fitness, health, or wellness field, can apply for 'Verified Status' to showcase their expertise in the community.
  • ANONYMOUS POSTING: For any topic a community member may feel uncomfortable sharing, but wants help with, anonymous posting is an option.

For more information about My Wellness School, visit: https://www.mywellnessschool.com/ 


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